Boss Guides – Halo Infinite Guide


Boss Guides – Halo Infinite Guide

Boss fights have long been part of the Halo franchise, but they get a completely new structure and focus in Halo Infinite. Here you can find all boss guides

Halo Infinite – House Of Reckoning – LASO Guide

The bosses are easier than the rest of the level don’ worry.

Blademaster LASO – Halo Infinite – Boss Fight Jega Rdomnai


Guide to easily defeating Elite Blademaster Jega Rdomnai on Halo Infinite towards the end of the House of Reckoning.

*Note: This only works on LASO (Legendary, all skulls on)

How to Easily Defeat Escharum! Halo Infinite Campaign Escharum Legendary All Skulls On! Untouchable!

This spot is easy for you guys to replicate and get into! This is how I defeated Escharum on Legendary All Skulls On in Halo Infinite. It took me some time to find a spot like this during the Escharum Boss Battle but once I found it he was marked for death.

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How to Defeat Every Halo Infinite Boss LASO/ Legendary:
LASO No Scorpion Gun Play-Through:

# Escharum #HaloInfinite #LegendaryAllSkullsOn

How to Defeat JEGA – Halo Infinite Legendary

This video will show you the best way to defeat Jega The Spartan Killer in Halo Infinite! Make sure to utilize these tips and you will be able to take down this difficult boss in Halo Infinite!

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