How to Modify and Customize Armor – Fallout 4 Guide


How to Modify and Customize Armor – Fallout 4 Guide

Fallout 4 features an extensive crafting system when it comes to Armor modifications. It can be a little overwhelming at first, but understanding these basics

Which Power Armour Is Best?

Power armour from fallout poll

Fallout 4 : How to Give Your Companion BETTER GEAR!

Here is how you can give your companions gear in Fallout 4. Whether it be armor, weapons, or power armor!

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Armor Workbench Guide | Fallout 4 | xBeau Gaming

Armor workbench is located in Sanctuary or any settlement in fallout 4 that you build one in. It’s used for taking armor pieces, and customizing them. Add additional armor, electrical resistance, chemical resistance and even different colors. With the Armorer perk you’ll have access to many more options, so consider that perk if you’re going to be making lots of armor in the future.

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How To Fallout 4: Armor 101 – Clothing and Armor Basics

RedMage covers some basic info about armor.

This video covers:
-what you can wear under armor
-types of armor
-sizes of armor